Passport File Number

What is Passport File Number

Passport File Number is the temporary unique number provided to the applicant for passport status and other official use. Passport File Number is user identity in the passport department to avoid any confusion in the process. The Password File Number will be mentioned on the receipt you will receive when you submit your passport application at a Regional Passport Office (RPO) or a post office or any other submission centre.

Some case may have problems in the document or there may be delay in delivery of the document. In such cases information or status may be provided by this number. With the help of   this number any applicant can easily see his status from passport office, internet or other facilities. The passport file number provides ease to take necessary action in time by the applicant and solve the problem.

The Passport File number is given once you pay the money and submit the application form of the passport. The file number consists of three parts:

  • City code consisting of 3 alphabets (for example, HYD for Hyderabad)

  • Actual file number consisting of 7 alphanumeric characters (for example, R012345)

  • Year of application consisting of 2 digits (for example, 12 indicates the year 2012


For the Passport office city code click here

Passport Application Receipt

The passport File Number can be found on Passport Application Receipt. For example notice the file number highlighted with yellow background in the follow Passport Application receipt (this receipt is not original). As it can be observed that it consists of 12 alphanumeric characters. The Passport file number is also represents in the bar code at the bottom. The receipt shows the key number, date of submission, applicant name, processing fee paid, and the mode of submission, which is direct in this case.



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  1. deepika saini February 26, 2014 / 11:06 am

    Hi there CH1067511507214 this is my passport application number im not abble to see my status so can you please email me how long processing gonna take.

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